Maintenance, Upgrades, and More!

Routine Trike Maintenance


Yes, your trike will need a bit of tender-loving care periodically by doing some routine checks.  Are you about to go on a big trip?  Let us make sure your trike is in top-notch shape before you go.

Add Features to Your Trike


  • Want to improve the steering?  Add a front-end rake.
  • Tired of pushing your Harley trike?  We can add a reverse!  
  • Scuffing up  your fenders?  Fender bras!
  • And of course a ton of other options!

Tire Mounting, Rotation and Balancing


Are your tires getting worn?  Let us get you new wheels on the ground.  

We have Metzler, Bridgestone, Michelin, and Dunlop tires for your bikes.

Fluid Changes


You do know your ride needs some normal maintenance, right?

What do we charge?


Our labor rates are better than all the motorcycle dealerships anywhere around!  Just sayin....  :-) Call for a quote.